You’ve experienced first hand how powerful an Impactful Introduction can be. Breaking down the pieces to build something stronger. Giving you the confidence to introduce yourself and knowing that your ideal client will say “Yes, that’s me!” and “I want you to help me!”.

Can you imagine how impactful  your marketing will be when you have your entire messaging blueprint mastered?


Are you currently:

  • Struggling to find the words every time you try and write some copy?
  • Holding back on your marketing because you just don’t feel confident that it will stand out?
  • Tired of spending money on copywriters, web designers, and other marketing support where nothing feels “right”?

What if instead you could have:

  • A truly one-of-a-kind message that would make content creation easy
  • A documented blueprint that you and anyone on your team could use to ensure you are reliably showing up, owning your part of the market, and earning the know/like/trust factor that your ideal client needs

I know first hand how much easier marketing is when you have a Message that ROARs: one that is Relatable, One-of-a-kind, Actionable and Reliable.

That’s why I created the Messaging Mastery Program – to teach you the exact process I’ve used to develop brand messaging for solopreneurs to larger organizations. You don’t have to struggle anymore!

With more than 20 years of experience in branding and business, I know how to help you dig deep to uncover the opportunity that lies within. To help you position yourself as an expert in your industry, no matter how “crowded” it may seem. To get the clarity in your message that will enable you to boldly and confidently put yourself out there and attract your ideal client, empowering you to have the business you’ve always dreamed of.

You deserve that and I want to help you get it.

Messaging Mastery Program Details

This 3-month small-group program is designed to show you how to Make Your Message ROAR™. You’ll not only discover and define the elements of your brand message, but you’ll start putting it into action in tactical, impactful marketing. The small-group setting (up to 10 members) gives you the best of both a group learning environment and individualized one-on-one attention.

I have known for years that I needed to expand my business to touch a much larger audience, but the fact is, I know nothing about how to get my message out there, how to create a brand or how important first impressions are. Let’s face it, that first connection you make with a potential client is crucial. It is one of the main building blocks to creating a solid client base and successful business.

I learned so much in the 5 day Impactful Introduction Challenge that Karie offered that when she offered the 3 month Messaging Mastery program it was really a no brainer for me to sign up. I know from the experience working with Karie over those 5 days that I will be getting the expertise and hands on support that I need because I want to build my business on a solid foundation and creating my personal Brand is one of the corner stones.

I can’t wait to start working with Karie in the Messaging Mastery program, and take my business to the next level!

Lisa Nickels

The Energy Practitioner

The Program Includes:

  • First Impressions Brand Assessment to provide you outside analysis of what your message is communicating today, get feedback directly from your followers, and identify opportunities for message refinement
  • Weekly training, assignments and workbooks to help you effectively work through each element of your brand message
  • Daily Support in a Private Facebook group with me and your small group members only – a safe, supportive space to work through your messaging, get feedback, and learn with/from each other
  • Twelve (12) Thirteen (13) 1-hour Zoom Conference Sessions – phone, video and desktop sharing capabilities allow us to work together as if we were in the same room to review your progress, answer your questions, and give you individualized attention. Each session is recorded for you to keep and refer back to at any time.

I can’t express enough how much being a part of Karie’s Impactful Introduction Challenge has helped me already! Going into the challenge I was a little unclear how to get my thoughts down on paper so that my ideal client could relate. My thoughts were jumbled and therefore, so was my messaging. Karie helped me to focus on what my ideal client REALLY needs from me, in doing that I was able create messaging that feels authentic.

I decided that I wanted to continue to work with Karie and joined the 3 month Messaging Mastery program right away. It was a no brainer really! I’m thinking, if working with her for just 5 days could bring me this much clarity, I can’t wait to find out where 3 months takes me.

Karie just beams light and authenticity and is definitely a “master” in her field.

Anita Naumoff

Breakup Recovery Coach

Messaging Mastery is organized in 5 Modules:

Before you can ROAR, you need to take a deep breath. We need to have a better understanding of your business, your ideal customer and your competition, so we’ll look at your business from the inside out and the outside in.

You will:

  • Collect and analyze what you have today
  • Analyze your competition and their position in the market
  • Understand how your ideal client perceives you today

We’ll focus on the what will make your message RELATABLE. You want your message to resonate with and attract your ideal client, making them think “Oh I need that!” or “Yes! That’s me and I want your help!”

You will:

  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal client / target market is and what their struggles and challenges are so that you can speak directly to them
  • Identify the inspiration for your Brand Story, which is the feeling and experience you’re trying to create
  • Hone in on your brand personality which will serve as a guide to ensure your authenticity
  • Define your value proposition – the benefits, transformations, and results your ideal client will be looking for

You want your message to uniquely set you apart in your market, so we’ll focus on making it ONE-OF-A-KIND. You want your ideal client to read/watch/hear anything you produce and immediately know it is from you.

You will:

  • Develop a brand vocabulary of words and phrases that you want to use (and words you don’t want to use) which will make content creation a breeze
  • Revisit/update your elevator speech/introduction – updating it to make the most of your newly evolving brand messaging
  • Work towards owning a word or phrase as your positioning statement – this is the ultimate condensation of your message. You will Hone It to Own It™.

You’ll finalize the elements of your brand message creating the “blueprint” that will allow you to consistently share your message, making it ACTIONABLE and ready for prime time. We’ll also start planning the steps to roll out your new message through all of your marketing material.

You will:

  • Finalize your Brand Story – you’ll have all the pieces to make sure you know the complete experience you’re trying to create
  • Prepare your Brand Messaging Usage Guide – the manual for your new, impactful, powerful brand message
  • Develop a plan for updating current content and strategize on your future offerings
  • Identify marketing themes/campaigns that will promote your new message

The key to your message being RELIABLE is that your message is consistent and your ideal client knows what to expect from you. So it’s time to put your message to work in the real world. We will identify which marketing efforts you would like to focus on, and you’ll have my support to review and provide feedback against your new Brand Message Usage Guide.

I’ve recently started my coaching business and becoming visible online. I’ve had product based businesses in the past and those are much easier for me to niche my market and message than coaching. I’m very comfortable at in-person networking events, running local workshops and talking about how I can help my clients off-line. Yet, jumping into Facebook groups and marketing online has always made me uneasy. When I heard about Karie’s Impactful Introduction Challenge, it was a no brainer for me. I joined and it was one of the best decisions I made.

Karie had such a heart and dedication towards helping everyone in the group. Her individual comments on my posts were so helpful and insightful that by day two of the challenge, I knew that I had to continue working with her. So when she offered her Messaging Mastery Program, I joined. From the experience I had working with Karie in the 5 day challenge, I gained so much more clarity on my ideal client and message that I can’t wait to see what will evolve after working with her for three months. The group calls, step by step process, private group and all the other value she’s offering is exactly what I need to develop a strong message for my new business.

I’ve joined many other marketing and branding programs in the past, but they all lacked the personal attention I needed to get me where I wanted to go. The groups were too big, had very little feedback from the actual coach or were self-study. I’m a small “mastermind” type of person and I love the energy of intimate groups of women working together. I’m confident that Messaging Mastery will give me the right combination of a small group setting, individual attention from the coach and a great step-by-step process that is easy to implement. I’m counting down until the program starts!

Eleni Andreadis

Empowerment Coach & Life Strategist

Before I met Karie, I was “trying on” titles and business descriptions to the detriment of getting potential clients. I couldn’t quite find the right words to describe myself and what I do so that my ideal client would know they needed me.

Karie’s 5 Day Impactful Introduction Challenge gave me clarity and confidence. In just 5 days I found a title and words that resonate with both me and my ideal client. So… I thought, if she can help me do that in 5 days, what can she help me do in 3 months?!!

I knew Messaging Mastery was what I have been looking for. I am TOTALLY confident that her program will help me uncover a clear, unique, concise brand message that will help me attract the clients that I’ve been looking for.

Natalie Byrd

Personal Transformation Coach

Mastering your message and making it ROAR will take work, but YOU CAN DO IT with the process, guidance, and outside perspective that I provide. I will support you at every step, hold you accountable during the process, and cheer you on as you get the clarity, focus, and confidence to Make Your Message ROAR.

You’re Worth the Investment

The value of all of the elements of this program is more than $4000:

  • I could package and sell the training materials / workbook / content alone for $1000
  • You’re getting a First Impressions Brand Assessment – valued at $500
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls – $1200
  • 3 months of support in an intimate private Facebook Group – $1500

And as a done-for-you service, which I don’t even do anymore, my process would cost $10,000.

Messaging Mastery will show you how to Make Your Message ROAR for an investment of just $2497.

Want to know when the next round of Messaging Mastery opens up? Get on the waiting list and be one of the first to be notified!

In 2016, I decided to shift my business from primarily graphic design to focus on my fine art. Initially, I didn’t think the shift would require a very big change in my message. As I worked to develop the fine art side, I realized how very different this market is and how much I did NOT know about the best practices of reaching them with a message that would speak to their needs and resonate with them.

When I saw information about Karie’s 5-Day Impactful Introduction Challenge, I knew it would be a great fit to help me find my voice and the message that would resonate with my market. After working through the process, I felt I had made excellent progress toward an “impactful introduction”. Karie suggested we share them with our social media outlets. When I shared my message on facebook, I was overwhelmed with the response! AND I received a commission to create a $1000 painting! This person had been following me for a while but it took my “impactful introduction” to move them to action.

As a person who has become an entrepreneur later in my life, I don’t have any time to waste. The decision to join Karie’s program is a practical one. I need to make progress as fast as possible to reach my goals. I can’t spend months and years honing my message. I need to get it right as soon as possible. With the evidence from the work we did in the 5-Day Challenge, I am confident Karie will help me do just that.

Rose Anne Huck

Contemporary Landscape Artist

I decided to sign up for Messaging Mastery for two reasons. One, the five-day challenge showed me the power of targeted messaging. I’ve been looking for inspiration and clarity in my business, and I thought that if I just kept coaching more people, and writing more blog posts, it would come. The truth is, I know who and what I stand for, I’ve just been scared to declare it. When I posted my new intro, the response was palpable. By stating my message, I was stepping up and standing out and it felt great!

Two, it was clear from the beginning that Karie has a huge heart and knows what she’s doing. I know that she will give us her all and do what it takes to bring our inspired messages out of our heads and into the world. I could try it on my own, or take a do-it-yourself course, but I know that the synergy of an intimate and supportive space like this is where miracles happen. I’m ready to play big.

I literally CANNOT WAIT to start!

Stephanie Slawek

Women's Empowerment Coach

If you’re not sure if this program is right for you, let’s chat! Choose the method that works for you:

But if you KNOW that you want to take 2017 by storm – if you’re ready to give your business the opportunity to truly stand out, and you want more confidence in putting yourself out there – then choose the payment option above that works best for you and secure your spot.

Let’s Make Your Message ROAR!