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Transcript: Why You Need to Develop Your Message Yourself

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“Branding is too complicated for you to understand. Just hire someone to do it for you.”

Yeah, those were actually the words I heard one of my competitors speak from the stage to a room full of business owners and CEOs and I almost fell out of my chair. Yes, this was at a time when I was running a full-service branding agency with my graphic designer husband and we were going in and developing the messaging and visual brands FOR our clients.

But I don’t believe it’s too complicated for you to understand. In fact, let me define it for you right now in plain English.

Your brand is your reputation as it’s perceived in the mind of the market.

Yep. Brand equals reputation and the important thing to remember is it lives in your target market’s mind. What that means is that you already have a brand. Whether it’s the one you want or not might be in question, but you CAN control and shape that. And you do that through all of the interactions that people will have with you, your business, your employees, your products and services, and most importantly through your marketing which is the delivery of your message.

Hi, I’m Karie Price, the Brand Messaging Coach that helps you Make Your Message ROAR.

And I believe you have the ability within you to speak directly to your ideal client in a way that gets them excited to want to work with you. But I also know that what you need is help pulling it out and making it actually work. That’s exactly why I no longer do done-for-you messaging development for clients and instead, guide my clients through a tried and true process to finding your most authentic message. Because I believe you have the power and ability to play an integral part in your branding and in fact, you should.

It’s the only way that you’re going to find the message that you’re meant to share.

The one that is shaped by everything you stand for.

The one that you believe unwaveringly.

The one that you share confidently.

The one that feels so natural you won’t remember what it was like before you had it.

The one your ideal client is waiting to hear.

The one that will help you ROAR.

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