Your Program includes unlimited email, Voxer and/or Slack support for the duration of the Program. (Please refer to your Client Agreement for dates and support availability.) This page is intended to capture your communication preferences and our respective contact details for communication via these channels.


You can email me directly at

Please provide your preferred email address in the form below.


We will have a variety of documents to share and collaborate during the course of our work together. On the form below, please indicate if you prefer to use a private Dropbox or Google Drive folder for the sharing and centralization of documents. I will send you a separate email with details of the shared folder once it is created.


Voxer is a free tool that allows us to send voice messages and chat messages quickly and easily from a computer or smart phone app. Please indicate your Voxer preferences below.

(If you don’t already use Voxer, you can read some quick tips to get you started here:


Slack is a tool that allows us to chat in a private, shared space.

(If you don’t already use Slack, you can read some quick tips to get you started here:

Communication Setup Form

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