Content. Creation.

When you hear or read those two words, how do you feel? If you’re like many of the business owners I meet, you probably feel a little overwhelmed. We’ve built this up into a big, hard, scary, overwhelming thing that we “have” to do. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if it could be fun, easy, on-brand, and on-point every single time?

In this video, I demystified content creation, changing the way you think about it so it’s no longer that thing you have to do and turning it into something so fun and natural you won’t be able to stop! If you prefer to read the highlights, I’ve broken that down for you below.

What IS content creation?

Let’s start by defining and simplifying content creation, because you may have worked this up in your head as this big, overwhelming thing.

Content is what we produce for marketing. It’s the topic we want to talk about in a particular social media post, blog article, video, podcast, or whatever form of marketing you’re doing. Marketing is the communication of your message and is an important part of being in business because it’s what lets people know who we are, what we do, who we serve, and why anyone should care about that. It’s what allows us to establish our expertise.

WHY it feels hard and overwhelming

But if content creation feels hard for you, it’s like because:

  • You don’t know WHAT to say, or
  • You don’t have a strategy so you feel like you’re always “winging it”

There may be other reasons, but I’ve found it mostly boils down to these two main problems. So let’s talk about why this is happening.

If not knowing what to say is your primary concern, you’re worried that the content you put out there won’t be interesting and engaging, that it won’t serve a purpose, or that it’s not something that your ideal client really cares about. If this is you, you haven’t learned how to talk to your ideal client. (You might not even be clear yet on who your ideal client is yet.)

And without a strategy, you don’t know what to create, when to create it, and where to share it.

So, of course, it feels hard and overwhelming! But I want to help you!

Because we HAVE to get our message out there, otherwise you become the best-kept secret in your industry. You went into business because you’re brilliant at what you do, but you also have to get effective at marketing.

Make this shift in your thinking

Content creation doesn’t have to be this daunting “thing that you do”. People get stuck on the word “creating” and then feeling like you can’t come up with the ideas. Gary Vaynerchuk (fondly referred to as Gary Vee) says it best: “Document. Don’t Create.” This might feel like a semantic difference in words – but I’m all about finding the right words and the right words matter. The shift that occurs in your mind when you reframe this though, can be exactly what you need to let go of the stress of creating content.

This becomes so much easier when you have your messaging foundation in place because you see the whole world through the lens of your message. I can literally take just about anything and turn it into a valuable messaging-related piece of content because my brain is looking for opportunities to document things around me now. I’ve written content related to Silly Putty, the Olympics, my husband’s FJ, my cat, playing Candy Crush – all focused on a messaging-related topic.

A few of my clients recently shared comments with me about how their marketing and content creation has changed after they built their messaging foundation.

One client said: “Dang it, Karie! I can’t STOP looking at everything around me as content that I can put out there!”

Another client said that content creation used to be so hard for her, but now content creation is easy and fun.

And another client said that she used to think she wasn’t a good writer. But now, with her messaging foundation in place, content flows so easily for her.

Now it’s important that the content you’re putting out there establishes you as an expert (making you and your message Reliable). So this isn’t about writing about random topics. But it’s about documenting your observations through the lens of your message and your area of expertise.

Remember the goal of marketing

The goal of your marketing is to shape and control your brand.

Your brand is your reputation as it’s perceived in the mind of the market.

What do you want people to know about you? What do you want to be remembered for?

Let go of the overwhelming feeling of content creation being something you “have to do” and remember that your content (which is what you’re delivering in your marketing) should be a natural extension of sharing your message and putting information out there so that attracts your ideal client.

If you’re struggling with not having the right words to attract the right people, I have a free on-demand masterclass that breaks down my entire 4-Part Framework to Make Your Message ROAR® including actionable tips you can start applying right away. Click here to get instant access.

In the next article in this series, I talk about how to create a content strategy. Because even though you may be inspired by everyday observations, that doesn’t mean you should be totally winging it.

Your Turn

Tell me what challenges you’re having with content creation. Is it coming up with ideas? Not having the right words that help you stand out and get noticed? Or something else all together?

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